Educator Certification Program

The eThink team is excited to offer the Moodle Educator Certification program developed by Moodle HQ's Education Team. In this program participants will work through six different modules in order to demonstrate effectiveness with digital competencies using Moodle Tools. Going beyond your average “how to” training on Moodle functionality, the MEC’s focus is on teaching and learning with consideration for how certain tools can be leveraged to meet a variety of instructional goals. eThink experts will support you as you work through this comprehensive, competency-based curriculum.

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This Foundation Moodle Educator Certificate program will take place over the course of 8 weeks. Participants will complete two "Design Challenges" in addition to a reflection discussion and feedback activity for each of the six modules that make up the certification. We will offer an introductory webinar to provide an orientation to the MEC program and review expectations on Monday, August 19th. We will meet again half-way through the program to discuss our progress on the design challenges, and then wrap up with a final webinar to close out the experience. These sessions will be recorded, but we encourage live attendance to engage with your learning cohort. This opportunity to ask questions and view the work of others will help cement your experience.

The 6 modules this certification covers are:

  • Universal Design
  • Open Content
  • Guiding Learners
  • Teaching Tools
  • Learner Collaboration
  • Assessment Strategy

The design of the modules reflects the following beliefs:

1. Educators are the focus of our attention, not features. We honor the expertise of educators engaged in our models. We show them some Moodle teaching approaches and build in facilitated and self-regulated learning experiences. Our educators are asked to consider their own best work in the modules, as well as ways they may apply the ideas in their own teaching and learning practice using Moodle.

2. Teaching practice is informed by qualitative feedback. We try to model specific behaviors like providing exemplars in Moodle, making room for experimentation, encouraging reflection, and requesting feedback from our participants. The reflections we ask educators to make are in the service of “what just happened” and making future decisions based on that information.

Monday, August 19th at 11am EDT - introductory webinar
Monday, September 16th at 11am EDT - mid-point webinar
Monday, October 14th at 11am EDT - wrap-up webinar


The cost for this Foundation Moodle Educator Certificate program is $349 per participant.

Contact us if you are a current client who needs a coupon code or if you want to request more information on bulk pricing for 10 or more purchases.

Price: $349.00