eThink Academy

Build a Better Moodle Course

Fall 2020 Cohort


Imagine you're building a new home. You've carefully selected a builder, reviewed various styles of houses, scrutinized floor-plans, picked out cabinetry, flooring, paint colors, and lighting. Now it's time to break ground. You stop over to check on progress and you watch as things come together. With all that you have invested you dream of a solid, beautiful final product. The details will matter. You want a strong foundation, sturdy walls, electric and plumbing that adhere to code, and a stylish interior design. Once all those pieces come together you will be one happy home buyer! 

Online elearning $199.00
Make the Most of New Features

Summer 2020 Cohort


Any time we see new features that improve the experience for both course creators and learners, we get excited! eThink recognizes that Moodle institutions need to stay current to make the most of what the platform has to offer and to satisfy their users, and we've developed this blended short form course with that in mind.

Join us to learn about the newest Moodle features introduced between 3.5 and 3.9 so that you're in a position to support your end users and make the most of their Moodle experience.

Online eLearning $99.00
Nurturing your Totara Courses

Summer 2020 Cohort


If you've ever nurtured a garden or watched a flower or tree grow you understand the key concepts that play into its success. Within this course we propose that your current SCORM content is the seed, and with the development of supporting content you'll be in a position "watch it bloom". After you complete this course and explore various Totara content types you'll be prepared to tend to a Totara course that well supports end users and presents a robust learning experience.

Online eLearning $199.00