Open LMS Academy

Accessible and Inclusive Course Design

January 2022 Cohort


As we design our courses and content, we must be vigilant in ensuring what we create is accessible for all learners, as well as inclusive of all learners. This facilitated course will focus on the fundamental aspects of inclusive and accessible design including an overview of what accessibility and inclusivity are, their importance, examples of accessible and inaccessible content, information about assistive technology, assessment considerations, differentiation, the Universal Design for Learning framework. A badge will be issued to learners who complete the required modules.

Online elearning $249.00

February 2022 Cohort


Imagine you're building a new home. You've carefully selected a builder, reviewed various styles of houses, scrutinized floor-plans, picked out cabinetry, flooring, paint colors, and lighting. Now it's time to break ground. You stop over to check on progress and you watch as things come together. With all that you have invested you dream of a solid, beautiful final product. The details will matter. You want a strong foundation, sturdy walls, electric and plumbing that adhere to code, and a stylish interior design. Once all those pieces come together you will be one happy home buyer! 

Online elearning $249.00

March 2022 Cohort


Are you ready to give your courses a boost with interactive content? Well then, this is the course for you! Throughout this five-week course, we will walk learners step-by-step through the process of creating a variety of H5P interactive content, completion settings, grading, and using the content bank to your advantage (content bank is new in Moodle™ 3.9). Each topic includes text, image and video tutorials and is supplemented by a live weekly webinar.

Online elearning $249.00